3 Tips To Up Your Email Marketing Game

Email is an underestimated but still extremely powerful tool that most small businesses continuously wrestle with. With an average return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent, it’s an incredible investment. Regardless of that impressive fact, one of the most common comments I receive from my clients is, “Email isn’t really effective. Do you know how many emails I delete without even opening them?” This is a common perception as we all can relate to our inboxes being filled with countless emails waiting to be read. However, the trick to email marketing isn’t to compare your email to others you receive daily but to realize the potential to grow your business if done correctly. So, whether you’re just starting to build your list or if you already have an established audience, we’re sharing three tips to up your email marketing game.

Solidify Your Sign-up Strategy

Let’s start with sign-up forms. First, conduct an audit of how many sign-up forms are out there across your channels. Here are a few options to consider if you want to expand your reach.


  • Install a pop-up email subscription form on your website. This will be the first thing people encounter when visiting your homepage.
  • Add a sign-up form to the footer of your website and blog.

Social Media:

  • Integrate your email sign-up form with Facebook. Depending on the software you use, most have easy-to-follow instructions to link your business page to capture leads.
  • Add an email sign-up link to your LinkedIn personal and business page.
  • If you use a service like Lynxinbio to house your Instagram links, create a button there for followers to sign-up for emails while on that channel.

Give your form the best chance of success by making sure your form is compelling and perfectly branded. Also, double-check the location to ensure each email call-to-action is clearly visible and not buried among other content. Consider offering an incentive for email sign-ups like a free eBook or download of some sort. Your visitor will feel like they are investing in a value-added resource.

Digital Events

If you’re looking for a way to set your emails apart from the competition, consider investing in webinars, online conferences, YouTube channels, and podcasts. Since 2020, these mediums have thrived and are likely to grow even more popular in the near future. These methods not only establish you as an expert in your industry, but they allow you opportunities to further grow your list with new audiences.

Engage on Social

A common perception is to think of email and social media marketing as two separate vehicles. This is true in a literal sense, but they both work together to support your brand while pushing leads to your website to close the deal. Email marketing and social media have synergies that are easily optimized to reach a broader audience.

Organic reach for social media has declined over the years, and most social media platforms are a pay-to-play space. One way to gain interest is to share your email on your social channels. Try sending out teasers prior to the email being sent, especially if the content is exclusive. You can also boost these posts to increase your reach even more.

BONUS TIP: Manage Subscribers

Unfortunately, it’s not the size of your list that matters; it’s all about the quality of your contacts. A healthy list is important for many reasons. Identifying risky and misspelled email addresses is not what we are talking about. It’s the poor-quality contacts that will hurt your deliverability and prevent you from reaching people’s inboxes.

Here are a few tips to combat email decay:

  • Scrub bad emails quarterly if is your list is growing consistently. You can do this by hiring an email verification service to go through and check your list.
  • Add an application programming interface (API) to your signup forms. This verifies all of your new subscribers in real-time and rejects unwanted email addresses.

Letting go of old, risky data can be a little tough, but in the long run, it’ll serve your business well, further growing a healthy, productive list.

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Anna Teal


Anna Teal

Anna is an author and writer who is passionate about the art of storytelling. She enjoys connecting with small businesses in her community while taking their marketing efforts to the next level of growth.

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