5 Tips For Creating Copy That Gets The Clicks

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

When working with small businesses, we stress taking the time upfront to define your target audience. Your target audience is the person your product or service was designed to serve. Understanding this person and knowing what’s important to them can help you connect on a more intimate level. For example, if there’s a common frustration that your product or service can solve for your target audience, speaking to this can make your brand more relatable and establish trust with potential new leads. If the audience you want to reach is value driven, develop incentive-based messages that connect with them. The ultimate goal is to have your reader feel understood when they interact with your brand.


2. Addressing Intent

When writing to your audience, address them where they are, not where you want them to be. It’s essential to shift your focus and think about the needs of your audience where they are in the consideration phase of the sales funnel. For instance, when constructing a welcome email, don’t jump the gun to sell them your product right off the bat. Doing this results in lower, if any, conversions. Instead, lead with a warm welcome and information for them to discover more about your brand, your story, and any other important information that would help differentiate you in their eyes.


3. The Verb, Value, Urgency Formula

When you don’t know where to start when constructing a headline, the verb, value, urgency formula can act as a template to get your creative juices flowing. Here’s an example of how it works:


VALUE: Social Media Assistance


This formula is a quick and simple way to develop clear, value-based CTAs for social media and email marketing campaigns.

And the customer experience doesn’t just stop at the headline. Make sure you deliver what you promise and lead them to longer-form content that helps close the deal.


4. Avoid Boring CTAs

When pressed for time, defaulting to boring CTAs can be tempting, especially if it saves on brain power. We get it! However, resist the urge to go with run-of-the-mill CTAs like “Buy Now” and “Learn More.” The key here is to be creative and specific. Be descriptive about what the client will receive when they “click.” For example, if you’re promoting an Ebook, try something like, “Download Ebook Now.” This slight change can make a huge difference in your click-through rates.


5. Utilize Social Proofing

One of the main reasons people don’t purchase or engage with your brand is trust. If they don’t know you, they are likely skeptical of your brand. Incorporating social proofing around your CTAs can help combat this disconnect. When potential customers see that others have worked with you or used your product, they are more likely to engage and trust what you have to offer. And if you’re a new business and don’t have any social proof yet, consider sharing incentives like free trials, unlimited access to your services, or share facts like 50 new users signed up in the last hour to create a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Writing an enticing call to action is all about providing value to your audience and gaining their trust. Combining these tips with a creative direction that doesn’t sound too salesy can vastly improve your conversion rates.

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Anna Teal


Anna Teal

Anna is an author and writer who is passionate about the art of storytelling. She enjoys connecting with small businesses in her community while taking their marketing efforts to the next level of growth.

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