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Podcasts are a wonderful way to tell the story behind a business and create meaningful connections with those in our community. We were honored to have the following opportunities to share the story behind Teal Marketing, LLC and share some marketing expertise.

Business RadioX Podcasts

Anna Teal with Teal Marketing, LLC

Teal Marketing, LLC started as a result of a tough journey Founder Anna Teal found herself in. In February of 2018, her husband had a massive stroke. She was two days into a new job and was hit with a life-changing event at the age of 33. Listen to the inspirational story behind Canton, Georgia’s own Teal Marketing, LLC.

Business RadioX Podcasts

Ronald Sweatland from Orcannus Technologies, Luke Brillard from Carolina Cleaning Solution, and Anna Teal from Teal Marketing, LLC

Join Teal Marketing, LLC, along with industry leaders in our Cherokee County community, as we chat about all things business and entrepreneurship during one of many Cherokee Business RadioX podcasts.

Shawn Stewart, Ron Sweatland and Anna Teal with Cherokee Cyber Commission

Cherokee Cyber Commission is a group of business owners and experts passionate about educating our community about cyber security and online safety. Our team speaks at various events and holds educational workshops in Cherokee County, GA.

Solving The World's Problems One Brew At A Time

Brews & Cyber News is a group of industry experts who enjoy a laugh or two while discussing the latest cyber news and trends over a drink.

Media Opportunities

If you’d like Anna Teal or the Teal Marketing, LLC team to join you on your next podcast, radio show, or TV show, please reach out via email to

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