Relax, it’s just stress awareness month

Stress is like taxes. It’s unavoidable, everyone has to deal with it at some point in their lives, and it can take a toll on your health in a bad way if not handled properly. So, how do you deal with it? Many people deal with stress in different ways. The key is to take a healthy approach to manage your emotions. Managing your emotions can be challenging, especially if you’re a woman. Hormones and various other factors contribute to your stress levels at different times. Having a strategic stress management plan can help you avoid common pitfalls of stress and keep you on track to stay healthy while navigating this crazy thing called life. Here are some suggestions to get you started in honor of April being National Stress Awareness month:


This may sound simple, but you’d be surprised at how taking a few deep breaths can make a significant impact on your mood while helping you to relax. Breathe in through your nose, hold for 5 seconds, and release. Do this a few times throughout the day to stay relaxed and sharp.


Speaking of breathing, adding yoga into your schedule can release tense muscles and funnel the flow of oxygen to your brain. Yoga guides you through various sequences paired with breathing ques which creates a calming sensation in your body. Try downloadable apps to use on the go or when you travel so, you don’t miss a day. Give Down Dog a try and feel the stress melt away.


Nothing compares to a nice soak in the tub after a long day. There are so many products out there that you can add to your bath to enhance your calming moments in the tub. If you’re tense, try a lavender bath soak or bath bombs to relax your senses.


Sometimes after a hectic day, you need to find a few moments of peace. One way to create this little hideaway in your head is to slip on some soundproof headphones and play your favorite soothing tunes. This can help drown out the craziness of the day and help calm your mind.


Whether you’re a person of faith or not, prayer can help ease stressful situations by engaging a different area of the brain. By bringing your stress and anxiety to your God, you’re able to offload those thoughts and focus on the better things in life. Prayer can be comforting and just as effective as other stress relief techniques.

Write It Down

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are like a hamster on a wheel that’s trapped in your head? Do you obsess over the same things over and over until you’re exhausted? Writing these thoughts down on paper or in a journal can help release these obsessions from your mind. Keeping a to-do list can also keep your mind at ease. Checking tasks off throughout the day can give you a sense of accomplishment. Also, taking breaks from electronic devices can do wonders for the mind and body.

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Anna Teal


Anna Teal

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