5 Tips For Creating Copy That Gets The Clicks

Get the clicks

5 Tips For Creating Copy That Gets The Clicks Digital marketing is all fun and games until you have to figure out a solid call to action (CTA). It’s easy to work your mind into a pretzel, thinking about the dos and don’ts of capturing your reader’s attention. So, let us break down a few […]

Copywriting vs. Content Writing


You may be surprised to know that copywriting and content writing are two separate yet similar things. And, if you’re in the market for either, it’s wise to understand the differences so you can select the right fit for your specific need. Not only do they require different skill sets, but their intent will drive […]

Oxford Comma Drama

Oxford Comma Drama

Love it or hate it, the Oxford (or serial) comma debate is alive and well in the world of grammarians. There are those who are oddly passionate about their belief that a comma should be used in all cases at the end of a list of things, but some feel like it’s just not that […]